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Demo Account


  • test your skills on Forex market without running the risk
  • get familirized with the trading platform Real Trader
  • learn the basics of technical analysis for practical use
  • get initial psychological skills necessary for real trading
  • develop new trading strategies and Expert Advisers
  • test existing Expert Advisers
  • take part in Real Trader Demo Contest winning real money

How to Open a Demo Account?

  • Download the trading platform Real Trader and install it on your computer.
  • Launch the trading platform and go to the «Tools» -> «Options» menu or press «Ctrl+O»
  • Enter the adress of the server demo.realtrader.org:1950
  • top of the screen, click «Open an Account» and fill in all required fields.




Please note that demo accounts are available in USD.

To activate the «Next» button and continue registration, it is necessary to flag «I agree to subscribe to your newsletters».

After the registration has been successfully completed, you will get the following information: «Login» — the account number, «Password» — the password for access. This information can be also found in the «Mailbox» section. Please be informed that demo accounts are not supported and are automatically deleted if you do not login at least once within 2 weeks.

N.B. All demo accounts are set with the leverage of 1:100. In order to change the leverage, a respective request with a demo account number should be sent to info (at) realtrader.org.

To get acquainted with all settings and functions of the trading platform, go to the «Help» menu and click «Help Topics» or press F1 button on your keyboard.

Differences between Real and Demo Accounts:

  • you safely trade using virtual money
  • no real loss, neither real profit as money is virtual
  • you can open demo account selecting any deposited amount (we recommend to start with the same balance amount you plan to deposit into your real account )